Adult Merchant Account

Total Payment Service (“TPS”) is able to provide the most reliable & secure payment solution

Overview On Adult Merchant Account

The number one internet search term is “sex” and there’s no denying that the adult entertainment industry is not only booming but a growing, profitable industry. Many of the veils of judgment and disgust have been lifted thanks to the internet, which not only offers a more acceptable way to get off but make it more convenient by allowing users to pay for porn sites with a credit card. All of this is good news except that banks make it impossible for porn sites, adult toy and novelty, dating, strip club, and similar businesses to get adult merchant accounts to process credit cards.  

Being categorized as a high risk business and because of the business nature itself, finding a payment processor for adult merchants becomes very hard. The adult merchant account owners find it impossible to get accepted for merchant accounts by acquiring banks and other credit card processors because there is a very high financial and reputation risk involved.

Here are some types of business that will be categorized as an adult merchant.

  • Adult Toys & Novelties
  • Adult Bookstores
  • Strip Clubs
  • Dating Sites
  • Adult Massage Businesses
  • Escort Services

So, if you are an adult merchant looking for a secure and cost effective credit card processing solution for your business, then TPS can help. TPS has been in the business of providing adult merchants with secure merchant account services at the most affordable price for many many years. With the accumulated experience, we assure our clients receive the best possible merchant account in the least possible time. 


Why Apply For An Adult Merchant Account With Us

There are a lot of services out there that provide processing facilities for adult merchants, so why should an adult merchant choose TPS? Besides the fact that we have years of experience behind our back in providing adult merchant accounts, we are one of the trusted names because:

  • We directly get our clients in touch with our friendly and real merchant account experts/managers, who are familiar with all the ins and outs of online credit card processing and adult merchant accounts.
  • We have a large and trusted network of acquiring banks which allow us to find you a merchant account for your specific needs.
  • We are able to provide you multi-currency solutions, virtual terminals, fraud/chargeback prevention models and much more.
  • And, most importantly, our system and funding is very secure and reliable

We at TPS understand the significance of your adult entertainment business and understand the risks involved in it; therefore we offer all adult merchants with secure and easy processing solutions which makes it really simple to accept online electronic payments from credit cards and other such instruments. 

Applying for an adult merchant account with TPS is as easy as it can get. Simply click the apply button and show interest, we will then start the free process. Our expert merchant account manager will assist and guide you through all the process and help setup your account from the moment you apply for a merchant account with us.